Pips and Panda
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 Photo of Pips and Panda standing in the magic forest

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Pips and Panda meet... THE TOOTHFAIRY!

Another adventure from the famous characters, Pips the little monkey and silly old Panda. A spectacular show for the under sevens, full of songs, fun and musical routines with magical effects and an exciting story about their travels on the magic leaf to Tooth-Fairyland!


This puppet show is another entry in our series of Pips and Panda productions, specially designed by the Purves Puppets company for young children up to 7 years. Like the others in this series, it is a 'join in' story with fun, magic and music to fascinate your child - and Mums and Dads too!


Age group

Under seven years


1hr 30mins
(inc. 15 min interval)