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Pips and Panda at the Mermaid’s Pool
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Pips the little monkey and silly old Panda go on a journey to the Mermaid’s Pool to find some pearls to make a necklace for Granny Panda’s Birthday! On the way they meet Sandy the Otter, Super Mouse, Bertie Bunny and lots of sea creatures! Watch wonderful dancing, and sing songs with Pips and Panda.

Another adventure from the famous characters, Pips the little monkey and silly old Panda. A spectacular show for the under sevens, full of songs, fun and musical routines with magical effects.

As our theatre running at limited capacity due to Covid-19, we are offering the chance to watch a recorded live performance over the internet. Doing so will help support the theatre. Videos are optimised for viewing on a tablet, phone, TV or desktop computer. Learn More

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