Touring Company

Please Note

  • Because of our large scale performances, we can only perform to a min of 100 people. If you have a smaller group, we will still charge our min fee for 100 people
  • We can provide birthday party entertainment at our theatre only
  • Unfortunately, we can’t recommend any other puppet companies

Staging requirements

Our touring performances have been seen from some of the largest stages in the world, to some of the most modest sized school halls. We believe in performing wherever possible. So it is rare for us to find a venue that is unsuitable for our needs. However, there are some basic requirements for our shows which can help to enhance our performance.

Please select your venue type from below:

Please contact us if you have further questions

Professional Theatre Staging Requirements

Black Drapes Surround

The theatre requires to supply, if possible, a setting of black drapes as we need a black surround for our shows – masked into 33 feet (10 metres) wide by 14 feet (4 metres) deep working area.

Stage and lighting plot

Detailed Lighting Plot

Fly Lines

Fly lines are preferable to fly our coloured cloths during the show. We can work without if needed.

Stage Crew

• One man to fly our cloths in and out during the performance (if theatre has fly lines)

• One man to operate the front tabs throughout scene changes.

• If extra stage crew are available, we require one man at each side to collect scenery in the wings during scene changes


• One man to work sound system and lighting

• Minidisk or CD sound system


• 6 UV tubes – four placed along the front of the stage and 2 placed upright left and right of stage area

• A small spot at each side of the stage with a blue gel used as working lights

• One blue gel behind black setting of drapes for puppeteers crossing stage in the dark

• A front of house spot (to light the puppeteer for the intro before we go into ultra-violet)

• During act – all ultra violet

• Curtain call with stage lights for the end of the performance

Please contact us if you have further questions

Studio Theatre, Hall, School, or Hotel Staging Requirements

  • Ideally, a working area 27 feet (8 metres) wide by 14 feet (4 metres) deep, with 9 feet high clearance.
  • Blackout conditions (the darker the better) are recommended. The better the blackout, the better the show!
  • Working theatre curtains and an actual stage are preferred, but not essential.
  • In the case of a venue without a stage or a stage that is too small, we can perform on the floor without curtains. We would then supply our own black drapes, etc.
  • We can provide all sound and lighting requirements, unless these facilities are already present.
  • Generally, our shows last 1hr 30mins, including an interval of 15mins. The performance length can be reduced if needed.

Please contact us if you have further questions